Many Hollywood film directors have made numerous films on gambling and casinos. However, one movie that stands out from the rest is “Casino”. This Martin Scorsese film was released in 1995, and it is one of the best movies ever made on gambling. Our friends from Grand Rush Casino claim it to be their favorite. This movie was produced by Barbara De Fina and distributed by Universal Pictures. The astonishing part of this movie is that it is based on the true story of real life people.

The Real Story of Casino and Sam “Ace” Rothstein?

The main inspiration for this movie is a character named Sam Ace Rothstein, who is a professional player and expert in the game. There is hardly anyone who knows the game better than him. He has the ability to predict the outcome of competitions and matches. For this ability, the Mafia bosses put him in charge of the casino in Las Vegas. Sam’s old friend Nicky Santoro becomes his associate in running the business.

While their casino business became highly successful but Nicky became involved himself in crime and drugs. Later on, Sam falls in love with an aristocrat prostitute, Ginger McKenna. However, Sam realizes that Ginger does not love him; instead, she loves another man. In spite of knowing all this, Sam still loves her and decides to marry her and become the father of her child.

Additionally, he also handed over the keys to his bank cell, which had two million dollars in cash. This key is important to Sam’s freedom along with his financial security since she has the exclusive rights for access.

After several years, Sam is engulfed with numerous personal problems. Ginger becomes addicted to alcohol. Besides alcohol, Ginger also starts taking drugs along with the passion to search for another man in her life named Lester. However, Sam still continues to love her in spite of forgiving her multiple times for her treacherous acts.

Ginger starts making tantrums, scandals, and blackmailing along with Sam’s daughter continuously. Later, Sam decides to divorce Ginger and hands over the money he had promised his ex-wife before their marriage.

In the meantime, the Mafia group prohibits Nicky from gambling in any casino, and advises him to go into hiding. However, Nicky tries not to follow the instructions of his Mafia bosses. Instead, he involves himself more in organized crime in Las Vegas. This brings more serious problems for both Sam and Nicky in the near future. Additionally, few Mafia bosses already had problems with the FBI. Besides, the FBI also starts extracting information about the rest of the criminals along with Sam and Nicky.

Soon, the relationship between Sam and Nicky turns sour, and both start to fight with each other. Ginger thinks that this is the best time to kill his husband, Sam and tries to enter into a relationship with Nicky. However, Nicky rebuffs the matter for killing his old friend, Sam.

Meanwhile, the FBI has gathered sufficient information about all the criminals and the members of the Mafia group. The criminals are brought to court for proceedings, but they try to kill each one of them since the FBI can extract information from them. Nicky and his brother both are killed in the fight along with being buried alive in a cornfield. Ginger gets more involved in drugs along with spending two million dollars in cash. However, she dies because of drugs, an overdose.

Sam survives a deadly assassination attempt on him, and returns to where he started his gambling business as a tote in San Diego.

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